Lady Charged After Spouse Beaten with Banana Wall Mount

LACY LAKEVIEW, Texas (KWTX) A Lacy Lakeview lady has been charged after her other half was assaulted with a banana wall mount.

Viridiana Samaniego, 24, was jailed around 11 a.m.Sunday at the couple’s home on the 100 block of Twilight Drive.

She’s been charged with worsened attack with a lethal weapon after authorities say she struck her partner consistently in the head with a wood banana wall mount that had a nail exposed.

” I’ve never ever had one use a banana wall mount,” stated Lacy Lakeview Police Chief John Truehitt.

Truehitt stated the couple was contesting money and she got the very first thing she could.

” It cut some quite bad gashes on the spouse,” he stated.

The male guy required stitches, but Truehitt stated he declined medical attention.

He also did not wish to push charges versus his spouse, but per state law concerning domestic violence cases, officers needed to progress with the examination and subsequent arrest.

Truehitt stated the case will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office where a district attorney will figure out whether to move on with the case.

Samaniego was charged with intensified attack with a lethal weapon.

She was scheduled into the McLennan County Jail and was being held Monday night on a $10,000 bond in addition to a migration detainer.